Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Bay Path College has joined NACELINK, the largest career network of career services and recruiting professionals in the world. For the first time ever, we have the ability to offer our students and alumni a truly rich careers resource in an online environment. We have named our virtual community The Carpe Diem Career Network (CDCN) and we are launching the foundation resources in late April.  

For more information about this resource, interested students and ALUMNI can contact Bay Path's Career Center at careers@baypath.edu or at at 413-565-1049. 

Detailed information about upcoming introductory and training webinars are available on Facebook and Linked In at Bay Path College Network for Nonprofit and Fundraising Professionals. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fundraising is Fun and the Magic of the Nonprofit Sector

In today’s NYTIMES there is a column by Arthur C. Brooks titled,   “Why Fundraising is Fun” that explains why this is so.  So I recommend it to all your fundraisers and donors out there. 

And for all you activists out there, I found that this paragraph toward the end of the piece did a wonderful job of expressing the magical potential and promise of the nonprofit sector:

“Of course, not everyone shares the principles that motivate my institution’s scholars and supporters. But with millions of 501(c)(3)s and houses of worship nationwide, no one needs to wait on the sidelines and hope that politicians will marshal government power in service of their priorities. By investing their own time, talent and treasure, every American can bring his or her core principles to life. That can mean promoting literacy, conserving nature, saving souls or something else entirely.”

Here at Bay Path College's graduate programs in nonprofit management and philanthropy, and nonprofit strategic fundraising and philanthopy, our goal is to help students "bring [their]core principles to life" by excelling in the nonprofit sector.